Physics Busking

Physics Busking in Teddington Broad Street

Physics Busking in Teddington Broad Street

The last couple of Saturdays I have spent outdoors, ‘busking’ at a couple of locations around Teddington. Accompanied by a couple of resolute Protonista guerrillas, I braved the cold weather and made it even colder by spilling a little liquid nitrogen over some balloons.

Firstly, I just want to say thank you to Lindsay, Clive and Andrew and Sharmila who are grade A stars. Colleagues like this are rare and just being around them is a prevelige.

Secondly, I find it curious just what you can do on the street and not get arrested. Obviously I prepared a risk assessment for the activity, and I called the local community police service who simply asked if they could set up a stall next to us! (but didn’t) And so for 6 hours over the last two weekends myself and the team have splashed liquid nitrogen around and created astonishment on the streets of Teddington. I find it reassuring that in all that time not one person approached us and asked us if we had permission to be there.

And finally, aside from the coldness, I found it really heartening just to meet my neighbours in Teddington and listen to them describe their lives and interests. Exposing oneself to the normality of real people is reassuring. Many people going about their business on a Saturday morning are busy and don’t want to be distracted by nonsense such as we were purveying. However I find it striking that several people responded to the question “Would you like to see something amazing?” with the simple answer: “No!”. Oh Well.

One Response to “Physics Busking”

  1. Melindwr Williams Says:

    Well done, Michael – you obviously had a good time provoking people’s curiosity.

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