Michael behind an impossibly bright Birthday Cake

Michael behind an impossibly bright Birthday Cake

I celebrated my 50th birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I have just been sent a photograph – above – of myself next to a cake carrying 50 candles. I don’t normally put much personal stuff on this blog, but the picture just made reflect that there comes a time when simply putting the appropriate number of candles on a cake becomes … just too much! And that’s not to mention the safety implications.

And the picture – imperfect as it is – seemed to perfectly illustrate an idea. The idea being that things which start out being good, when scaled up can become ridiculous. And that is true of so much of the way we live. When one person in 100 has a car, they have great freedom: when everyone has a car we have traffic jams and pollution and carbon dioxide emissions and thousands of deaths each year.

Anyway. On with the year…

3 Responses to “Age”

  1. Emma Says:

    Happy Birthday Michael. And having not been on here for a couple of weeks I’m amazed – and grateful – to see 9 thought-provoking articles for me to read. Thanks

  2. Peter Says:

    How the heck do you light them all without setting parts of yourself alight or some melting before the others have been started.

    Great idea, ought to suggest it to Emma Grandmother!

    All the best


  3. protonsforbreakfast Says:

    Peter; light them from the inside out with the cake on a turntable: Remember that for when your time comes 🙂 M

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