Last week: Odd thing #1


MdeP receiving an MBE from HRH ER

MdeP receiving an MBE from HRH ER

Last week was crazy. Probably the oddest thing was collecting my M.B.E. from the Queen.

I have written this blog section three times now – and I have deleted literally thousands of words – because nothing I have written captures what I feel. When I think of this honour I find it to be one compliment that I am unable to discount. I feel overwhelmed and I don’t know how to simultaneously acknowledge the magnitude of what has happened, and just to keep on going. Tears fill my eyes at the thought of it.

And that’s all I can say for now. Perhaps things will become clearer to me later.


2 Responses to “Last week: Odd thing #1”

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    […] In 2009 I met the Queen and she gave me a medal! […]

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    […] Without exception, every year my appraisal deemed I had ‘exceeded expectations’ or whatever daft phrase they had invented for ‘doing OK’. In 2009 I was awarded an MBE! […]

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